We have several months until we open for the summer.  In the mean time, our spring show schedule is filling up.  This is what we have scheduled so far.  We hope to see you when we come through your area.

Girls Night Out (Omaha)                                                            Jan 30
Omaha Hom...e and Garden Expo                                           Feb 5 - 8
Des Moines H & G Show                                                             Feb 12-15
Callahan Art and Craft Show (Council Bluffs)                     Mar 21-22
Siouxland Garden Show (Sioux City)                                     Mar 28-30
Renaissance Festival Of Nebraska                                          May 1 - 2

Looking forward to a great spring show season. Look for our secret pass phrases. We will have cookies at our shows, but only for the true "friends of the farm" that know the pass phrase.