Cold Weather Plant Care

In the past we have relied on the heartiness of our lavender to allow it to survive through the winter.  Well, last winter a very long stretch of weather below 0 degrees F killed 95% of our lavender. 

This year we are doing some experimenting.  I have done significant research on row covers and we are using row covers on 90% of our plants.   Row covers should keep the soil temperature approximately 15 degrees higher than uncovered areas.  I am very confident this will ensure the full survival of our plants through the winter also, I expect they will bloom earlier and fuller in the spring.  We will compare our covered plants to the uncovered plants.  We will also uncover some plants earlier in the spring to see how we should handle the spring.

We will keep you all posted on our results.

For those of you with plants at home.  Make sure all of your potted lavender is inside by this time of year.  The root balls on potted plants do not get the temperature moderation that ground plants get.  I would keep your potted lavender inside until mid-April.