2013 was a wildly successful year for the farm.  I am so pleased to meet so many new Friends of the Farm.  As usual we will be putting together some new projects to make your visit all the more interesting. Last year we bought our distiller.  While we continue to experiment to make the process efficient, we have produced small amounts of lavender oil.  This year we will be aggressively planting to establish additional fodder for the distiller.

We have big plans for a walking path up to the peak of the hill behind our home  across the natural dam and down through the fields.  This is a top item for me, I can't wait to try out the path myself.

We put in a new irrigation system to facilitate a drip watering system for our lavender and the aronia (chokeberries) berries that we put in last spring.  We had some low lying land that the lavender didn't like, it was too wet and actually killed off some of our plants.  We decided to plant aronia berries.  Our neighbor, the Sawmill Hollow Family Farm, is an aronia berry farm and we added that crop to our portfolio.  Aronia berries are extremely high in anti-oxidants, even more of a super food than blueberries.

We are constantly updating the landscaping to improve your visit.  We added our windmill and several new butterfly bushes.  I hope they pay off in August for our Month of the Butterfly photo contest.

Photo Right by Sandra Wentworth - Winner of the President's Award 2013 MOTB photo contest.